Nu'u SEO - Driving Sales with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
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Driving Sales

The Value of Conversion Rate Optimization

Whether you are in business to make money or to make a positive impact on the world, you need to be profitable.  You may have a website that allows your customers a place to go to solicit your services or buy your products. You may also have a marketing plan to direct people to your website so they can become your customers so you can make money. But you have a problem: you’re not making money!

If your traffic numbers are high but your sales are low, read on;  you will probably find the answer here.

The Anatomy of Relevant Traffic.

You’ve probably heard the term “relevant traffic” but do you really know what it is? The short answer is this: Relevant traffic is traffic that is looking for your product or service. If you sell leis from Honolulu or Kona coffee from Big Island, Hawaii, then your traffic is looking for the best leis and Kona coffee. It’s that simple – really.

To break it down further, relevant traffic has already been identified – or maybe we should call it “profiled” – before it ever reaches your site. It is your target market, the audience you have analyzed; the audience you are marketing to. This is the so-called perfect customer and you know them intimately: where they live, how much they make, their lifestyle, their hobbies, family structure, what keeps them up at night. This is the customer that you are directly targeting with your marketing.

Wait, you’re not doing that? You’re just picking some decent keywords and tossing them into the wind, hoping one of them will catch a person’s eye? How’s that working out for you?

Read on. Let us show you a better way.

Keep traffic relevant to your offerings, and target your ideal customers.

Make sure your internet marketing company isn’t just in it for clicks.

Just for Clicks.

Many marketers (some even big, well-known companies) put their advertising out there without any thought to a target market. They are just interested in driving traffic to their websites. In other words, they’re just in it for clicks.

There is nothing wrong with that if you have a system that allows you to make money on clicks, but if you are trying to actually sell something on your site then you are going to have to work a little harder. When you’re marketing just for clicks, very little relevant traffic is actually getting to your site.

You’re not doing yourself any favors with this type of marketing, not if you have a product or service to peddle. So here’s the skinny on relevant traffic. Listen up.

Relevant traffic = Real sales.

You’ve got the goods, there are people who want what you have. How do you connect?

Remember all that Kona coffee and Hawaiian leis? There are people who want those things, but if you are just throwing a few generic keywords out there and hoping for the best without any real targeted marketing you are going to have people coming to your site who want Washington apples, Wisconsin cheese, and French roast coffee. So, who’s going to buy your leis and coffee?

When you take the time to attract relevant traffic, you get real sales because the people you are attracting are looking for what you’re selling. It’s really that simple.

Relevant traffic is much easier to convert to sales.

Go for the CRO!

You need a strategy, a system that will attract people to your site – not so they can look at it and see that it isn’t what they’re looking for. No, you want them to come to your site because you have what they want, so they will convert to customers. That system has a name: Conversion rate optimization, or simply CRO.

When working with your conversion rate optimization specialist, we will:

Take the time necessary to really develop a great strategy, complete with goals, and define ways to measure the performance of our plan throughout course of the project.

Analyze your existing traffic to find out how they find your site, what they do where they get there, and what parts of your site seem to attract them the most. Then we use that information to strengthen your strategies and enhance your potential to convert visitors to customers.

Identify who is coming to your site, what they are looking for, why they are there, any problems they may encounter while using your site, and what would stop them from responding to your call to action.

Take the time to get to know your market and employ a collaborative action plan when implementing our strategies.

Find the things that your customers like most about your company and use it by strategically placing it at just the right point in the sales funnel and play up those assets in your marketing.

Gather some customer testimonials about your company and turn them into a powerful conversion tool. CRO by the numbers.

In addition to providing all of the above, as well as targeted, current, accurate, and relevant search engine optimization for your business,  we will optimize your site and increase its sales potential by providing:

Call to Action

This will be clear and visible for maximum effect

Relevant Graphics

This will be made relevant to content and optimized for SEO


We fix site flow and programming issues


We use best practices to establish trust with your customers

Nu’u SEO likes to back up anything we do with data, so we want you to have the facts on conversion rate optimization:

Many companies report an increase in sales of over 40% as a result of Conversion Rate Optimization

1 in 5 marketers report their average conversion rates are less than 0.5% (Adobe)

74% of CRO programs increase sales (MarketingSherpa)

3 seconds – Loading time after which 40% of visitors will abandon a website (Akamal/Compuware)

For every $100 companies spend to drive traffic to their site, they only spend $1 to convert it (Forrester Research)

Insufficient A/B testing for the effectiveness of CRO is costing online retailers as much as $13 billion a year in lost sales/revenue (Conversioner)

63% of marketers rely on best practices and intuition to optimize their websites (Conversioner)

Companies that structured their approach to improving conversions were twice as likely to experience a significant increase in sales (Econsultancy)

This all makes a very strong case for CRO, but if you still aren’t convinced, take a look at this, the direct result of poor CRO, specifically having properly defined and tuned funnels:

3 out of every 5 online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts prior to purchase (Adobe/MarketLive)

73% of companies don’t have the slightest idea why online shoppers abandon their carts. (Conversioner)

Are you driving sales to your site – or are you driving them away? Are you attracting the customers who want your product or service? It’s time to stop losing sales and start converting prospects!